The Best Braided Line Knots For Fishing (Easy Step-By-Step Guide)

Fisherman Tying a Knot
Fisherman Tying a Knot

Are you frustrated when your braid line snaps and your trophy catch just got away? OH, KNOTS! I know that feeling.

You might have checked your fishing gears before casting. You have the right rod, the right reel, the right line. Everything’s good, what could be the problem?

One thing that you might be missing is a superior braided line knot for increasing your catch success…

The Importance of Knots

One of the most important parts of setting up your fishing gear is the knots you use…

One of the most important parts of setting up your fishing gear is the knots you use.

When you switch to braided fishing line, you have to learn which is the ideal braided line and some new good knots for braided line, as your old mono knots are going to slip and break off.

This was a hard thing to get my head around to start with, but with time and practice, the fishing knots became second nature.

But I had to find all the best fishing knots myself and do some knot tests!

Luckily for you, I’ve made a list of the best braided line knots and how to tie them, and made this SUPER EASY step-by-step guide to make it easier for you.

The Knots 

Each fishing knot mentioned is useful in different situations that are described in the introduction of the fishing knot.

First there are a few terms to know before you get started: 

Tag-end – The tag-end is the end of the line or lines you’re tying the knot with. 
Mainline – The mainline is simply the main part of the line system you’re using. 

  1. Make a loop the tag-end of the braid so you have 5-6 inches of doubled line.
  2. Thread the loop you have just made through the hook eye twice. 
    • If you squeeze the end of the loop to form a point, it will make this step much easier.
  3. Pull the doubled tag-end and the braided main line so the loops are tight on the eye of the hook/lure. 
  4. Take the double tag-end and wrap it around the main line twice to form an overhand knot. 
    • Wrap it around the mainline from top to bottom, wrapping towards the hook/lure. 
  5. Pull the double tag and the mainline to tighten the knot on to the eye, leaving a loop. 
    • Make sure that the doubled line tag-end forms a loop that’s at least as wide as the hook/lure
  6. Thread the hook through the doubled tag line loop and take the loop above the eye. 
    • This is easy to do with hooks, but it can be hard with big lures.
  7. Moisten the line and pull hard on the mainline and tag-end until the loop goes tight on to the eye. Trim the tag-end.

It’s quite hard to visualize, here’s a video explaining it.

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

The Uni Knot For Braid 

This is one of the best knots for tying braid to a swivel in my experience and it’ll also work for hooks and lures. It’s only a little different from the normal Uni knot so if you already know the Uni for mono, this’ll be easy for you. This fishing knot is easy to tie, strong and neat. Here are the 6 steps to tie it. 

  1. Take the line and thread it through the eye of your hook/swivel/lure. 
    • Pull out about 8 inches of bread for the tag-end. 
  2. Go through the eye of the hook again so it’s doubled and pull it tight. 
    • This is the first difference from the normal Uni knot
  3. Make a loop around the mainline with your tag-end. 
    • It’ll form a loop where half the loop is made from 2 lines, the tag and the main. 
  4. Wrap your tag-end through the loop 10-12 times going from the bottom of the loop, away from the hook. 
    • Make sure all the wraps go in one direction. 
    • The longer your tag-end is, the easier this’ll be. 
  5. Pull the hook/swivel/lure one way and the tag-end and mainline the other way. 
    • Pull tight until the knot beings to coil towards the hook/swivel/lure and stop 
  6. Once the knot has coiled, let go of the tag-end and wet the line and pull as tight as you can until the knot sits on the eye and cut off the tag-end.

Here’s a picture guide to tying the Uni knot, and here’s a video.

How to Tie a Uni Knot

This is a knot to use when you want to connect your braid to a mono leader. Unlike other line-to-line connections, it’s pretty easy to tie, and it’s also strong. Here are the steps to tie it. 

  1. Cut your mono leader lines to the length you want. 
  2. Overlap the lines so they’re side by side. 
    • 8-9 inches of overlap is about right 
  3. Pinch the two lines together in one hand. 
    • Pinch leaving about 1-2 inches of mono pointing towards the mainline of the braid. 
  4. Make a loop, leaving the leader and the tag-end of the braid coming out on one side. 
  5. Take the leader and the tag-end of the braid and wrap them both through the loop 6-8 times. 
  6. Take all 4 strands. The braid tag-end and the leader in one hand. And the tag-end of the leader and the mainline of the braid in the other. 
  7. Pull them apart so that the knot begins to close a little bit. 
  8. Wet the knot. 
  9. Take all 4 lines again and pull it tight. 
  10. Let go of the tag-ends and only pull tight on the leader and the mainline of the braid. 
    • Pull tight so the knot is closed neatly. 
  11. Cut both tag-ends.

Here’s a video showing how to tie the Surgeon’s Knot.

How to Tie a Surgeons Knot

The Berkley Braid Knot 

  1. Fold over the end of the line so you have 5-6 inches of doubled line, making a loop.
  2. Thread the end of the doubled line loop through the eye. 
    • Squeeze the end of the loop to form a point, this’ll make this step much easier
  3. Wrap the loop around the tag-end and the mainline 8 times. 
    • Start from the top and wrap towards the eye. 
  4. Thread the loop between the eye and the coils.
  5. Wet the line. 
  6. Pull it tight and trim the loop leaving a ¼ of an inch for the knot to sit on.

Here’s an animated video explaining how to tie a Berkley Braid Knot

Berkley Braid Knot

The FG Knot 

  1. Make sure you can create some tension on your braid. 
    • Use something to hold the braid down, or simply have the rod laid down to make the tension. 
  2. Put the braid in your mouth and hold it in your teeth. 
  3. Take the leader and place it over the braid so they make a cross. 
  4. Take the end of the leader and wrap it under and around the braid going away from you.
  5. Form the cross again. 
  6. Take the end of the leader and wrap it under and around the braid, coming towards you this time. 
  7. Form the cross again. 
    • You should see the braid neatly coiling around the leader. 
  8. At this point you have gone 2 times around, we need to get to 20. 
  9. Repeat steps 4 to 7 until you have done 20 wraps.
    • Once it’s complete you should see the braid neatly coiling around the leader.
  10. Pinch the knot tightly in one hand and remove the tension from the braid. 
  11. Take the tag-end of the braid and make a loop around the tag-end of the leader and the mainline of the braid. 
  12. Put the tag-end of the braid through the loop to tie a clinch knot.
    • This’ll lock the braid coils on the leader. 
    • Make sure to tie it down to the coils. 
  13. Repeat this one more time. 
  14. Cut the leader as close to the knot as you can. 
  15. Repeat step 12 two more times.
    • This’ll help make sure the tag-end of the leader does not clip the guides when you wind it through. 
  16. Cut the tag-end of the braid close to the knot.

Sounds tough, doesn’t it? It actually isn’t once you get going and it’s well worth learning. Here’s a video to make it clearer and some extra instructions.

How to Tie an FG Knot
  1. Form a loop in the mono.
  2. Pass the end of the braid through the loop.
  3. Wrap the braid neatly around itself and the loop 10 times from top to bottom. 
  4. Then pass the end back through the loop on the same side as the braid first went in.
  5. Wet it and pull the knot tight. Trim the tag-ends.

Again, an easy and useful knot.

Here’s a video explaining it and some extra instructions.

How to Tie an Albright Knot
  1. Wrap your line around the spool, once or twice.
  2. Then tie an overhand knot around the mainline with the tag-end.
  3. Tie another overhand knot in the tag-end, and above the first overhand.
  4. Pull the mainline to slide the first overhand knot down to the spool and the second knot to jam against the first. Trim tag-end close.

Quick and easy. Here’s a video and some diagrams to help.

How To Tie an Arbor Knot
  1. Fold over line to make a loop the size you want
  2. Make the loop end into a point
  3. Fold the loop on itself to make a circle.
  4. Wrap the loop through the circle 5 times 
  5. Pull all the lines to tighten the knot
  6. Cut off the tag ends

Here’s a video and some extra diagrams and instructions for you.

How to Tie a Surgeons Loop Knot
  1. Fold over the line to make a 10 inch loop of doubled line.
    • The length is so you can have a good grip
  2. Twist the doubled line 20-25 times
  3. Put the loop over a fixed point
    • A reel handle, knee, chair arm. 
  4. Push the twists together to they are condensed
  5. Lay the last half to the twists over the first by reducing the tension in the tag-end
  6. Tie 3 half-hitches to secure the knot.
  7. Cut the tag-end

Easy no? Well, the description is quite tough to understand without any visuals. Here’s a video and some diagrams to help out.

How to Tie a Bimini Twist
  1. Make a loop around the spool with about 20 inches of braid.
  2. Go back on yourself, doubling up to make a circle.
  3. Wrap the tag around both lines 5 times and then go through the loop. 
  4. Wet the knot, now pull both the tag and main line to tighten. 
  5. Keep the loop against the spool and twist it to form a figure eight. 
  6. Place the top loop of the figure eight over the spool by placing one side around the spool lip so the spool now has two wraps. 
  7. Form another figure eight in the loop.
  8. Place the top loop of the figure-eight over the spool again so the spool is now wrapped three times.
  9. Pull on the main line, this will tighten the knot. Stop at the spool and trim the tag-end.

It’s a pretty easy knot once you work it out, here’s a video to help out.

How To Tie a Cross Over Uni-Knot

The Slim Beauty Knot 

  1. Tie a figure of eight knot at the end of the leader.
  2. Pull the knot only semi-tight to form a figure eight.
  3. Double 15-24 inches of the braided mainline and pass it through the top and bottom of the figure-eight. 
  4. Wrap 4 times up the leader and 3 times back again.
  5. Pass the loop through the first gap formed by the wraps.
  6. Tighten down the figure-eight knot in the leader. 
  7. Now pull with the leader and the doubled main line steadily, not with the loop
  8. Cut off the loop and tags of the double line.

Here’s a video and some extra instructions, it’s easier with pictures.

How to Tie a Slim Beauty Knot

Summing Up 

There we have it, the best braided line knots for all situations.

It wasn’t so hard to work out, was it? I hope you enjoyed the best fishing knots line up I put together, and with some practice and applying all the fishing tips in this article, tying knots on your braid will be as easy as pie. 

I wish someone had put them all together for me at some point.

It would’ve saved me so much time instead of having to search around for them in books and by the dock. If you want to scour those tomes anyway, you can check out my review of some of the best fly fishing books around.

The way I used to practice was by always having two pieces of string in my pocket.

If conversations ever got boring, I’d start tying knots!

Please let me know what you think about the article in the comments section below and if you found this best braided line knots article useful, share it with your fishing buddies. And for more fishing tips or helpful articles like the carolina vs texas rig article, don’t forget to check the site, I cover everything from rods to reels and even ice augers.

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