Top 5 Best Underwater Fishing Camera (2021 Angler’s Guide)

Have you ever wondered how fish are reacting to your bait?

Want to get an awesome underwater fishing video and images of pike and tarpon taking the bait or jumping next to the boat?

Here is the summary of the top three underwater fishing cameras from the lineup…

This is all possible with the best underwater fishing camera.

You can troll them, attach them to your line, send them out as a fish finder, and more.

The best underwater fishing camera gives you an insight into what’s happening underwater and the ability to take pictures and videos of the species you catch so you can share content and brag about them later.

The Best From The Review 

Best Cabled

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

A cabled camera that comes in its own durable carry case with an easy to read high-resolution display.

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

The all-around best cabled underwater fishing camera is the Anysun.

It has a large high-resolution 7-inch screen for easy viewing.

The set-up is simple, just connect the cables and use the remote to record.

Image Quality

The images are top quality and the camera moves 360 degrees so you can get a picture of everything that is swimming around at every angle.

It’s made for all types of fishing, has a great battery life, and comes in a handy durable carry case for safe portability.

Best Wireless

GoFish Underwater Fishing Cam

Wifi Connection Night vision LEDs Great for all types of fishing

GoFish Underwater Fishing Cam

The best wireless unit is the GoFish Cam and it’s the most versatile one of the bunch too.

You can send it to depths of 200 meters, cast it, troll, and have it sit up to 20 meters away giving you a live stream of what’s happening beneath the surface via its wifi hotspot.

Editor’s Choice

TACTACAM Fish-i HD Camera

Interchangeable lens system Great editing app Simple and easy to use

TACTACAM Fish-i HD Camera

If it was me, I’d pick the TACTACAM Fish-i HD high resolution camera.

It’s a wireless design ideal for action shots and getting great underwater videos of fish that you’ve caught.

You can hop into the water with it as there is no cable, cast it, troll it, and more.


It films in the highest resolution of the review, 4k HD, and you can edit and share footage directly from the app.

The battery life is amazing at 10 hours and it has 3 lenses to choose from plus 3 shooting modes to tailor your footage to how you want.

Our Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

Best Cabled

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

A cabled camera that comes in its own durable carry case with an easy to read high-resolution display.

Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera

The Anysun Underwater Fishing Camera is a cabled design that comes in its own durable carry case with an easy to read high resolution 7 inch LCD display with a sun visor.

You can read the high resolution 7 inch lcd monitor no matter the weather, and it’s crystal clear.

Water Resistance

It’s waterproof to 20 meters and comes with 20 meters of cable, so you can view anything that’s within range on the display and record it.


The anysun underwater fishing camera comes with a Sony CCD 800TVL HD Video Camera with 360 Degree View and an OSD Menu Remote Control.

The camera takes amazing quality film and with the remote control, and has 360-degree rotation to view every angle underwater.


The camera is also lined with LED lights for night fishing filming or when sending it down to deeper that can also be controlled from the remote. This allows you to add and remove light as you need to.

It has a battery life that lasts between 3-7 hours depending on the mode you’re in or if the lights are on.


The unit records everything to an SD card up to 64GB in size, more than enough memory for over 100 hours of recordings.

The only downside to this unit is that you are limited by the 20-meter cable. You can’t hop over the side and swim off with it or cast fast away.


  • Monitor: High resolution 7-inch screen
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 3-7plus hours
  • Films: Yes
  • Waterproof: 20 M
  • Pixels: 510×582(PAL)/510×492(NTSC)
  • Cable: 20m


  • The HD camera spins 360 degrees
  • Easy to control the camera from the boat
  • Takes excellent HD images and video recording
  • Waterproof to 20M
  • 16 LED lights on the camera to light up the water
  • Good for night filming
  • Large easy to read display
  • Runs for a good amount of time before needing a recharge
  • Comes in a handy carrying case
  • Features a remote so you can be away from the monitor


  • Cabled for a small range

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

A cabled camera designed to be used in freezing temperatures. It records crystal clear images and has a solid battery life of 8 hours.

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera


The Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera is another cabled design suited for ice fishing that also features a high-resolution 7-inch LCD screen with a camera that all comes in a hardy carry case for getting it from A to B safely.

If you love ice fishing, this is for you.

The 7-inch high-resolution screen has 1000 tvl pixels and is an ample size to view everything the camera is picking up clearly.

The unit couldn’t be easier to use just connect up the cable and off you go. 


It comes with a 30m cable and can go 30m’s deep so you can get an image of deep spots, especially if you turn on the included lights.

It’s designed to be used in freezing temperatures down to minus 20 degrees, making it a fishing camera best suited for ice fishing.


The unit has a solid battery life of 6-8 hours, making the battery ideal for recording for hours on the water. It puts all it’s recordings on an SD card and comes with an 8GB SD card included, you can swap this card out to a 64 GB SD card to give you more memory space.

Image Quality

It records crystal clear images at a 90-degree angle of what’s under the water that you can simply transfer media to a computer for editing and sharing via the SD card. 

There are one or two things that get this model some negative points.

Being limited by a 30-meter cable means you can’t record anything that is further away than that, so diving in with it to swim with dolphins is out of the question.

It’s also hard to keep the unit level, to get the best recording possible you’ll have to rig and fiddle with a bit.


  • Monitor: High-resolution 7-inch LCD screen
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours
  • Films: Yes HD recording
  • Waterproof: 30m
  • Pixels: HD 1000 TVL
  • Cable: 30m


  • Works in minus 20 degrees
  • Includes 12pcs White lights and 12pcs infrared led lights for night fishing
  • Comes with an 8GB memory card that supports DVR recording
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Large 7-inch screen
  • Crystal clear images
  • Comes with a carry case


  • Has a 30m cable for a limited range
  • Hard to keep the camera level

Best Wireless

GoFish Wireless Underwater Camera

A wireless camera that can take awesome footage. It has a shape designed for trolling that can allow you to film what’s behind your boat.

GoFish Wireless Underwater Camera

The GoFish Cam is the first wireless unit in the review.


It creates its own wifi hotspot so your phone or tablet can connect to it through the app to become the high-resolution screen.

You can only maintain a connection while it’s 75ft away though, so if you want to see what’s happening live on the screen, make sure to keep it in range and floating.


Being wireless means you’re not constricted by a cable length and can send this unit as far away as you like, it goes 200m deep and will record even when not connected.

You can dive swim, attach it to a fishing line, and cast it anywhere.

Then once you retrieve it, connect it to your phone to review the recording.


The camera comes in a cone-shaped hydrodynamic head designed for trolling it through the water or attaching it to your line.

This allows you to take pictures on the bottom up to 200m, film species coming up behind your boat, and even tie it on to your fishing line to get movies of species chasing and eating your lure.

It takes awesome footage but its battery life is a little limited.

Battery Life and Memory

In full mode with the wifi on the battery life will only last 30 minutes, but in normal recording mode, you’ll get 2 hours out of its battery.

All your recordings will be saved to an SD card and you can transfer and share them via the app too. It couldn’t be simpler to use either, just set how you want it to record in the app, and hit go, that’s it.

It’s an awesome unit that’ll add the ability to take awesome video footage to your fishing experience.


  • Monitor: High resolution 7-inch screen
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 3-7plus hours
  • Films: Yes
  • Waterproof: 20 M
  • Pixels: 510×582(PAL)/510×492(NTSC)
  • Cable: 20m


  • Night vision green LEDs for deep water and night fishing
  • Connect it to your line
  • Stream live to your tablet or phone when using the included float
  • Has a built-in SD card slot for memory
  • Takes awesome video
  • Simple to use
  • Great for all types of fishing


  • Need to weight it down when trolling
  • Battery life is limited
  • Wifi range of just 75 ft

Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera

An affordable cabled camera ideally suited as a recon device to view what’s beneath the surface rather than take footage.

Lucky Underwater Fishing Camera

This Lucky underwater fishing camera is another cabled design and is the most affordable in the review.

It’s ideally suited as a recon device to view what’s beneath the surface rather than take footage as it’s images and videos are of poor quality.

It also has infrared led lights ideal for night fishing.


It comes with a small 4.3-inch screen that has high resolution so it’s still quite easy to view despite its small size plus a 20-meter cable and a camera.

It’s simple to use, just connect the cable and drop the camera in the water and select your mode on the screen to start recording.


The included rechargeable battery has an average battery life of 3-6 hours depending on the mode you are using. It can go to 20 meters and has built-in lights for deeper shots and night recording.


The unit saves everything to a MicroSD card so you can share files easily enough and buy a big SD card if you want extra memory space.

This is a great budget option if you’re interested in one thing, seeing what’s beneath the water surface.

It doesn’t take good enough videos or pictures to use for marketing or sharing around though.


  • Monitor: High-resolution 4.3-inch screen
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 3-6 hours
  • Films: Yes and photo
  • Waterproof: 20 M
  • Cable: 20m


  • Comes with a 16GB SD card
  • Has infrared LED lights for night use
  • Works in cold water for ice fishing
  • Switch between birdseye and side view
  • Easy to use
  • High-resolution screen
  • Good for research


  • Not the best image quality
  • Small screen
  • Not great for making content
  • Restricted to a 20m range
  • No carry case

Editor’s Choice

TACTACAM Fish-i HD camera

A camera designed that takes things to another level by giving you the chance to take the best images and or film while you’re fishing.

TACTACAM Fish-i HD camera

The new TACTACAM Fish-i HD camera is designed to take the best HD video of all your outdoor experiences.


It comes equipped with 3 lenses from ultra-wide to mini zoom, records audio, has an amazing rechargeable battery with 10-hour battery life, and has no cable to worry about which is one of the best things about it.

You can attach this unit to your line, drop it in an ice hole, troll it behind your boat – even mount it to your head to get videos of all the best action.

Video Quality

It records in super high quality 4K HD resolution, and the footage it takes is perfect for marketing.

You can also shoot in one of three modes which you select via the app.

You can pick: loop, time-lapse or normal video, depending on what kind of footage you want to take.


The unit saves all your data to the SD card and once you connect it wirelessly to your phone.

This allows you to review the recording in high resolution and transfer videos to the app where you can edit and share them with ease.

The one downside to this unit is that it is only waterproof to 30 feet, so it can only live shallow but it is great for taking every shot down its limit.


  • Monitor: Connects to your phone or tablet
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Life: Up to 9 or 10 hours
  • Films: Yes, 4k
  • Waterproof: 30 feet
  • Pixels: High resolution 4k
  • Cable: Wifi


  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Includes 170° ultra-wide lens, 120° wide lens, and 90° mini-zoom lens
  • Comes with useful modes like a loop, time-lapse, or video
  • Can be used for trolling
  • Attach it to your line
  • Great app for editing and sharing
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Records audio too
  • Can take it snorkeling and diving
  • SD card memory


  • No light for night time use
  • Shallow waterproofing of 30 ft

What Is An Underwater Fishing Camera?

You might think a new underwater fishing camera is just a normal camera that takes underwater fishing videos or pictures, but it’s not that simple.

The best underwater fishing cameras take things to another level to give you the chance to take the best images and or film while you’re fishing.


The best underwater cameras come in two parts; an underwater camera that you drop in the water to be your fish finder, and an underwater viewing system like a color LCD monitor that acts as a camera viewing system.

The camera viewing system is either cabled to the underwater fishing video camera or connected via wifi when your phone or tablet is used for camera viewing instead of an LCD monitor or screen.

Why Use An Underwater Fishing Camera Instead Of A Normal Waterproof Camera?

Underwater View of Fish Chasing Lure
Underwater View of Fish Chasing Lure

Firstly, they are made to go deeper than most waterproof cameras, and hit depths up to 30 meters where a high-end waterproof camera would only hit 15m – This lets you record film and images of a deeper depth.

Secondly, they are designed to be a bit more inconspicuous to the target with a no-screen sleek design and made so that you can see what’s happening underwater from your vessel, like a camera fish finder.


Some of the best underwater fishing cameras can be trolled behind your boat so you can see what’s following your lures.

You can rig some on your fishing line to see if anything follows your lures and even get a film of a sailfish taking the bait.

You can also get an underwater fishing video camera for ice fishing that works in freezing temperatures and some of them come fitted with LED lights or infrared lights for night or deep water fishing.

Do Underwater Fishing Cameras Scare Fish? 

Any odd or foreign object in the water is likely to be noticed by a fish if it hasn’t seen it before, and this goes for the best underwater fishing cameras too.

Whether it scares the target off or not depends on the species and its mood. 

A predatory species like a pike, or a marlin, is not going to worry about a camera. The most likely thing that might happen is that they think it’s food and comes to have a taste out of it. 

Small Fish

Smaller species like crappie or bluegill, which are usually on a predatory fish’s menu, live on the edge of being eaten the whole time.

They are nervous creatures and will be affected by even the best underwater fishing cameras until they know it’s not going to harm them. 

Once they are comfortable with the underwater fishing camera, they’ll relax and go about their usual business of hopefully eating your bait. 

What Makes The Best Underwater Fishing Camera?

Underwater Fishing Camera Screen
Underwater Fishing Camera Screen

For an underwater camera to be the best underwater fishing camera, it has got to do a few things excellently.

Water Resistance

Firstly it needs to be waterproof enough to go deep, around 20m or more, and be highly durable to survive being bounced around or hit by fish.


Secondly, the best underwater fishing cameras should also be light, portable, versatile, and take great images and/or video.

You should be able to use them in the sea, in lakes, while you’re ice fishing, and even at night while trolling, bottom fishing, or casting.

Display and Memory

The field of view should be large enough to capture all the fishing action.

The battery life should last as long as a day or fishing (7 hours or more), and your video recordings should be saved to a large enough memory, microSD card, or SD card, so you can keep recording underwater films all day long.

Ease of Use

The best underwater fishing camera will also be easy to use, setup, and make it simple to review and share any of your images and video recording from a high-resolution color monitor that comes with the underwater camera. 

Things To Consider When Buying An Underwater Fishing Camera

Fisherman Waiting for a Bite
Fisherman Waiting for a Bite

What Kind Of Fishing Will You Be Doing? 

Not every underwater fishing camera is the same, some use wifi to connect to your phone or tablet for viewing and are made to be trolled behind your boat or attached to your fishing line so you can get videos of fish coming up to your bait and eating them.

Others have a cable and designed for dropping over the side of the boat or in an ice hole and give you an image of what’s happening underwater on a display so you can not only take pictures and video but tailor your fishing tactics to how the fish are behaving. 

Fishing Style

Make sure you pick the right kind of fishing camera best suited for your fishing style.

Cabled designs are limited, as you can only put the camera as far as the cable allows, usually around 20-30M. 

Wireless fishing cameras are a little more versatile and you can go snorkeling with them or cast them far away to take pictures and then review the data. 

You’re unlikely to use a wireless camera to view a live picture though as it drains the battery life very quickly. 

Image Quality

Bass Underwater Shot
Bass Underwater Shot

The image and filming quality of each underwater video camera differs.

If you want to take awesome shots for marketing, making movies, and sharing them on Instagram, you’re going to want the best quality high-resolution HD video and images you can get.


Make sure to check the pixels and the recording quality.


The higher the pixels the better the image and the higher the frames per second (FPS) and resolution (k) the better the video will be. 

If you plan on using your underwater camera to view what’s happening beneath the surface, but don’t really mind about recording so much, then you can go for a model that doesn’t have such great image quality but has a good 7-inch monitor display for camera viewing. 


The display is one of the most important parts of an underwater camera.

It’s where you’ll see what is going on under the water and a poor quality display will make it hard to view fish in detail and how they are behaving. 

Most fishing cameras come with a display monitor that connects to the camera via a cable, but some create a wifi signal and connect to your phone or tablet for viewing.

Ideal Display Size

No matter the style, you’ll want your screen or monitor to be large enough, a 7-inch monitor is a good size, and come with a sun visor so you can view it with ease no matter how bright it is. 

Screen resolution also plays a big part in the quality of a display.

Resolution describes how many pixels the monitor screen can show you, and the higher it is the more pixels, and the sharper the image.


You’ll need a high-resolution monitor to view the most amount of detail. 


Underwater Fishing Camera
Underwater Fishing Camera

Camera equipment can get large, heavy, and tiring to carry around.

The last thing anyone needs is to be adding a pile of heavy underwater camera gear to their fishing bag.

You want a fishing camera that is easy to take from A to B, so it should be light, and not too bulky. 

The most portable designs are wireless fishing cameras as all you have to carry is the camera unit and your phone.

Cabled Display

Cabled display designs are heavier and bulkier due to having to transport the camera, cable, and display monitor.

But, a lot of them come with a durable carry case, so you still just have to carry one extra thing. 


Be sure to pick the fishing camera best suited to your portability needs. If you’re going backpacking into the wilderness, a wireless fishing camera is far more portable and will slot into your backpack or even your pocket. 

If you’re hopping on a boat for a day, adding one extra carry case with a cabled fishing camera inside is no big deal. 

Cable & Connection Length

No matter what type of camera you choose to add to your fishing experience, remember you’re going to have to manage the cable or connection length so you can still view images on your display monitor. 

Most cabled designs come with 20 to 30m cable length. This means you can have your camera sitting 20-30m under or away from your boat at any time, giving you a small range. 

Wireless Connection

GoFish Cam – Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera

Wireless designs can hold a connection for up to 75 ft (23m) but will only connect when they are not submerged.

This means you can only view images on the display when using them in float mode, not when you send them underwater.

You can, however, cast them away into the distance, as far as you like, take hours of recordings, and then review them once you have reeled the camera in.

You can also swim with them to take underwater footage, like when you’re releasing a marlin by the boat.


An underwater camera has to be waterproof, but each one has it’s limitations to how deep they can go. Cabled designs are made to go as deep as the cable goes and 20-30 meters is the norm.

Wifi designs can go as deep as 200m. 

It’s not often you’re going to need to go deeper than 20m when recording with your camera, but it might be handy now and then to see if any fish are sitting on the bottom next to a reef for example. 

Summing Up

If you’re new to the world of underwater fishing cameras then it can be quite tricky to pick the best one for you and I hope the above has helped clear it up for you.

Making the right choice comes down to whether you want a cabled or wireless design.

A cabled camera is better for seeing what’s around your fishing spot and a wireless design is better for getting action shots of species like tarpon or sailfish eating the bait or jumping by the boat.

Best Cabled

If you’re after a cabled design go for the Anysun.

It has a great screen that’s easy to read, a camera that takes high-quality footage and spins 360 degrees, and it’s simple to understand

Best Wireless

If you after a wireless design, the GoFish Cam is ideal.

It can go 200 meters deep plus you can troll it or attach it to your line to get the best shots of billfish or other species in action.

Editor’s Choice

I would pick the TACTACAM Fish-i HD.

It takes awesome high-quality footage, has 3 lenses to choose from, shoots in 3 modes, and will give you the best image quality of them all.

Thanks a lot for reading my article and I hope you found it useful.

Please share it around and feel free to take a look at some of our other articles.

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Lance Wilkins
Lance Wilkins
Editor @ CallOutdoors. Outdoor gear-head and adventure addict. I fish, camp and enjoy to writing about my adventures.


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Lance Wilkins
Lance Wilkins
Editor @ CallOutdoors. Outdoor gear-head and adventure addict. I fish, camp and enjoy to writing about my adventures.